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Welcome on the long term ecological research site Jurassian Arc

The LTER site Jurassian Arc (ZAAJ stands for Zone atelier Arc jurassien, in French) is designed to promote long-term interdisciplinary research into the environment and ecosystems in relation to society issues. It federates a network of research partnerships about the dynamics of mountain socio-ecological systems..

ZAAJ helps to capitalise on field data and to analyze and promote the results from long-term observation schemes at the interface between ecology, the environment and society.

Benefiting of more than 25 years of experience on the issue, accredited by the CNRS Ecology and Environment Institute (INEE) in 2013, ZAAJ is a cluster of six research units and associates three research support schemes, all for the same geographical area. ZAAJ is also part of the national LTER network, a SOERE of Allenvi, member of ILTER and LTER-Europe.

Perimeter of the LTER site Jurassian Arc